ini kisah saya.
ambillah mana-mana yang bermanfaat daripadanya~

Getaran Hati

Saturday, December 7, 2013
susah untuk diceritakan,
apabila Tuhan memperlihatkan tarbiyahNya.

Seringkali kita membenci ‘kesalahan’ dan juga ‘pesalahnya’,
tanpa kita berfikir, “Bagaimana jika diri kita yang dipalitkan ‘kesalahan’ itu dan menjadi ‘pesalah’nya”

Di kala ada ruang mengimbau,
biarkan air mata itu mengalir,
biarlah ia berkali-kali menginsafi diri.

Bila yang perlu dididik itu diri sendiri,
Mujahadahnya pasti sehingga tahap tertinggi,
Dan susahnya separuh mati--


Yes, it is frustrating when you don't have all the answers. When things are difficult and out of our control, it is easy to snap.

Keep in mind that we don't become religious and righteous to be immune from calamities.

Our obedience to Allāh is not a bribe for Him to give us something in return or spare us from trials.

Repenting for a sin and moving past it by replacing it with good deeds.

Realizing that no benefit arises from focusing on the past due to our inability to change it.

Savouring the beauty of the sights, sounds, tastes and feelings around us and thanking Allāh for the ability to experience them


Your success and failure will help you see who your real friends are in life,

Ignore the idiots in your life. People will threaten you, hurt you, and defame you. What's important to note are the people who want to be around you even after things go south. If all else fails, know that just by that token you are on the right path.

Negative minds jump to the most negative conclusions.
Sometimes trying to explain makes matters worse.
Help yourself by being positive.

and who will be around me?


Bait al-‘Abir, Doha, Qatar.

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